Let's try it together

We consider engagement of students to be crucial for facilitating an inclusive environment at our institutions. We see the student and staff sections as an united and collaborating organization. We need to make sure that students' needs are heard and addressed in an effective way. To do so, we invite students to join our project as co-researchers, including implementation of the Art Exhibit.

Art Exhibit will result from the students' sessions and summer schools. The content of the Art Exhibit will reflect students' ideal vision of an inclusive learning environment. Students will be using the approach of storytelling and sharing, and the creative process will involve collaboration and exchange of ideas among students from all the participating institutes. Students will also have the opportunity to invite high school students or wider communities to participate and contribute to the project.

The precise format of the exhibit is still to be determined with students, the project team coordinators will play a supervisory role. 

We plan to launch the exhibit as a digital exhibition on the project website and as a traveling (physical one) in March 2024 in Pilsen, CZ. In the following months the exhibition will be installed in Slovakia and the Netherlands. 

The first of the exhibitions will take place in Pilsen March 27 - April 8, 2024. You can find more information here.

For more information feel free to contact the manager of the Art Exhibit project Dr. Naomi van Stapele from THUAS.