Who we are

The core of our project staff is indeed very inclusive, coming from different parts of the world and cultural backgrounds. The team consists of researchers, lecturers, university counselors, administrators and PR managers. Some of us are experts with many years-long experiences in the field of inclusive education, others are eager to learn.

Currently, we are staff members at the following higher educational institutions:

  • University of West Bohemia (UWB), Czech Republic 
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS), Netherlands 
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Netherlands
  • Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (CPU), Slovak Republic

Get to know our institutions and our project partners.

Project team members

Kateřina Benýrová

Project coordinator at the UWB, CZ.



Aminata Cairo

Expert on diversity and inclusion.

Vladimíra Poláčková

Assistant professor and faculty coordinator at CPU in Nitra, SK.

Sarah Njorge

Communications Officer at the ISS EUR, NL.


Pavla Hrabačková

Head of Information and Counselling Centre UWB, CZ.



Sreerekha Mullassery Sathimma

Academician at the ISS EUR, NL.

Jana Lukášová

Counsellor and financial manager at the UWB, CZ.



Naomi Van Stapele

Professor in Inclusive Education at the THUAS, NL.

Adéla Klimková

Online course coordinator at the UWB, CZ

Laurence Guérin

Project guarantor

Petr Šimon

Project coordinator and ombudsperson at the UWB, CZ


Tamara Lewis

Online course coordinator at THUAS, NL

Tereza Svášková

Former project coordinator at the UWB, CZ.

Ruben Boers

Lecturer and researcher at the THUAS, NL.

Barbora Sender

Special educator, lecturer at CPU in Nitra, SK.